International Protocol

International Protocol
& Etiquette

One Day Seminar
How to Succeed in the International Arena
Strategies to Broaden Global Awareness

For those exploring business opportunities in the international business arena. This program provides strategies to help you compete in a global economy that demands mental flexibility and awareness. An interactive tutorial on dining skills is included.

You will learn:

  • Pre-meeting Action Plan
  • Negotiating to Win
  • First Impressions Are Lasting
  • Rank and Status Awareness
  • Business Card Protocol
  • Business Customs and Terminology
  • Forms of Address
  • World-class Handshakes
  • Global Communication Styles and Skills
  • Business Entertaining
  • Host and Guest Duties
  • Styles of Eating
  • Silverware Savvy
  • Toasting and much more

Four-hour Seminar
Dine Like a Diplomat
A four-hour seminar and dining tutorial to enhance you professional skills

This is an interactive dining tutorial that includes a formal luncheon or dinner. The skills taught are for the global business executive and center around the continental style of dining. Participants will learn how to read and understand a place setting, eat each course, understand the rules of toasting and appropriate behavior while dining.

You will learn:

  • Business Entertaining
  • Receiving Lines
  • Host and Guest Duties
  • Toasting
  • Silverware Savvy
  • Napkins
  • Styles of Eating
  • Dining Dos and Don’ts
The Protocol School of Washington
Minding Manners
Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce

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